The No. 1 thing you can control right now is your wellbeing

The world in which we are now working in is rapidly changing as we shift away from our work hub communities and into our home offices, so it’s essential that we think consciously about how we set ourselves up to be happy and motivated and to achieve the results we want from work and life. 

As the environment around us turns to one of fear, isolation, and uncertainty, the no. 1 thing we can do for ourselves is to stay grounded and to look after our wellbeing. When we do this, we calm down our nervous systems, which might be on high alert right now, and we create some certainty for the instinctual wiring in our brain that is trying to help us survive. In times of crisis, the first core need we must satisfy is certainty. According to Tony Robbins’ work on core needsonce we give ourselves this sense of certainty i.e. safety, stability, control, consistency then we can be open to variety or possibilities again. We can get into a growth mindset and start creating new solutions for the new world we find ourselves in. 

How do we create this sense of certainty for ourselves? 

We are creatures of routine and habit but all that might have gone out the window right now, since your morning commute is no longer, your daily visits to the local barista or gym class near work have gone and your office desk, once surrounded by the familiar faces and buzz of your team, is not an option. 

Are you feeling unsettled or anxious through not having your routines? 

Have you already started subconsciously seeking out new rituals or routines based on the facilities near your home? 

Well, if you have, you are not alone. I too faced all of these challenges when I first left my corporate role and no longer had a regular office to visit. Moreover, as CLARETY is a remote working team, we have been creating virtual ways to connect meaningfully, ever since the team expanded across Australia and into Asia in the last few years. So, I’m hoping some of the ideas to follow will help you to create some certainty for yourself and your teams right now. 

OK, first up, let’s get you sorted. Let’s set up your personal routines and rituals so that you are happy, healthy and engaged in your home office.  

Creating your daily 5 to thrive 

Ultimately, this is all about you taking responsibility for your wellbeing by making it a part of your daily routine. The ‘daily five to thrive’ are consciously created small habits that support your wellbeing on multiple levels — mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. I’ve also applied the lens of ‘working from home’ to this list. Take the following 5 steps: 

    1. Review the list of ideas below and select the five healthy habits that could have the greatest impact on your life right now. 
    2. Write them down. 
    3. Share these goals with someone. 
    4. Every few days, focus on implementing one habit at a time so that you get into a routine with it before adding the next. 
    5. Remember, regularly take small steps. 

Healthy habit ideas: 

To your health and happiness,

Clare Robinson,
Founder & Head Coach, CLARETY

p.s. want to get your hands on our ‘how to’ guides to working from home and staying engaged with your team or, need some online wellbeing workshops run to connect your team virtually? email me directly at and tell me a bit about what you need and I’ll hook you up.

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