We work with some inspiring and conscious businesses and their leaders.


Leadership Coaching

“Clare has helped me chart a course through a real haze of uncertainty and fear, to absolute clarity, confidence and empowerment. She balances deep instinct, common sense, empathy and commercial reality to be able to provide a guiding hand that literally changed my life”

Business Growth Specialist and Speaker


“I didn’t think it would be a good idea for Clare to coach me. We’d worked together and I thought we’d be too close or mess up a friendship. I couldn’t have been more wrong. She is the perfect fusion of warm but firm, empathetic yet strong. She has an eclectic background and draws on wider experience than just her superb coaching/wellbeing technical knowledge. I am in such a good place. Her doing.”

Chief Strategy Officer: Ogilvy Australia


“Clare has helped me become a more effective leader by helping identify my leadership values and working with me to better understand differing communication styles and how to best respond to them. As a result, I have seen a positive difference in how people interact and respond to me, particularly with my team and manager all communication is now more open and positive. I can also attribute my improved professional wellbeing and shift in attitude to coaching Clare has provided.”

Group Business Director, PHD Media

leadership Group Coaching

“Two years ago I was looking at coaching options for my management team. After years of attending all types of management training and coaching sessions I knew I wanted something a bit different. I wanted to grow my team professionally as well as personally. I wanted them to become better managers through self development.

It was refreshing to work with Clare to create a management curriculum which was holistic and placed the teams wellbeing at it’s heart. I ended up putting myself through it as well the following year.

As a team we have started developing habits that are changing the relationships and conversations we have to create more personal connections within the organisation. In turn this is helping us to grow our results”

VP Global Accounts, Sizmek

Wellbeing Programmes

“I was initially referred to Clare through a number of her clients in my industry who claimed she had made a profound impact on their lives. Being an HR Director for a number of years I was passionately searching for someone who could enable my people to not just survive but THRIVE in the workplace.

Clare’s program is not just about health and wellbeing, it’s an all encompassing look at ones self – their attitudes, their beliefs, their values, their feelings and together how these culminate to create a connection between mind, body and spirit that nourishes all three.

Clare is an inspirational speaker, coach and compass who can put even the most disillusioned of us back on the right path”

Senior People Lead, Omnicom Media Group


“I’ve loved every session and have looked forward to attending, it’s made a huge difference to my approach to both work and life!”

Wellbeing programme participant, OMD


“I feel that I am a much better communicator from applying the skills I have learnt in really listening and stopping and thinking about how I respond”

Wellbeing programme participant, OMD


“Taking responsibility: it’s up to me to make changes, I need to focus on filling my own cup up first so that I can be healthy for my family, my team and myself”

Wellbeing programme participant, OMD



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