We have a range of products & services designed to enable yourself, your teams or the organisation as a whole to shift into a place of thriving. To us that means improving leadership & employee

productivity, performance and engagement. Depending on the leadership or wellbeing need within your organisation we run a range of annual programs or a series of one-off sessions to meet set objectives.

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Leadership Program

Designed to target leadership teams that are in significant periods of transition, are newly forming or are tasked with increasing their level of performance.

A combination of 1-on-1 leadership coaching, embedding activities and team-based training modules facilitated in a coaching style.

Example modules;

  • Self leadership – self awareness, resilience and confidence
  • People leadership – emotional intelligence, energy management, coaching culture
  • Performance leadership – creating clear outcomes & routines for success
  • Strategic leadership – setting vision and values

Leadership Coaching

Designed to support individual leaders going through significant periods of change, transition or challenge which might be impacting their stress levels or their personal health and wellbeing.

Our 6 and 12 month coaching programs follow the Whole-System Leadership Model™ which takes a holistic approach to building greater resilience, confidence and, improved health and wellbeing amongst the leaders we work with. Through this journey they will develop an improved level of self awareness and emotional intelligence and, embed a wellbeing practice that will have them more energised everyday. Some of the outcomes you can expect to see;

  • Greater clarity and focus resulting in improved performance
  • Improved ability to make decisions quickly and with confidence
  • The use of better frameworks and systems to increase levels of productivity
  • Higher energy and engagement levels i.e. more passionate and purposeful
  • Ability to focus on their strengths and the strengths of others
  • Greater mastery of communication and influence

Wellbeing Programs

Countless studies are now showing that energy is the real currency of successful and thriving 21st centuary organisations but all too often, people feel over-worked, burnt out or stressed. In our programs we reverse this. We enable people to take responsibility for their individual health and wellbeing and teach them the tools and practices to unlock more energy for themselves everyday.  

Using our unique Whole-System Wellbeing Model™ your people will go on a journey to understand the multi-facets of personal wellbeing. They will learn how, by understanding and meeting their needs in the following core areas, they can create and sustain new health and wellbeing behaviours;

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Purposeful
  • Financial

Our programs are run at 3 levels;

  1. Open to all
  2. Leadership – future and established leaders
  3. Ambassador

They can be delivered within your workplace over the course of a year or in a more intensive format. Our team is also able to deliver inspiring keynote presentations and wellbeing-flavoured experiences, specifically designed to enhance your company conferences or off-sites.

Group Facilitations

The question used to be “How do we improve employee engagement and productivity?” This old model led to ever increasing levels of performance management and staff turnover. The 21st century workplace of today and the future demands an expansion of our thinking and a return to the natural state of human nature; the desire to be creative, have meaningful work and connected relationships.

Talk to us about creating or customising a workshop, training or conference experience that suits the specific needs of your organisation. We offer a range of subjects including but not limited to;

  • Forming or bringing teams together
  • Turning vision and values into action
  • Communication and influence
  • Having more courageous conversations
  • Self Leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Neuroscience & mindfulness
  • Coaching fundamentals
  • Feedback fundamentals
  • Leveraging personal strengths
  • Effective collaboration
  • Productivity for the 21st century
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