Our wellbeing specialists, coaches and facilitators are hand-picked for their passion, energy and ability to relate to the needs of 21st century workplaces because they have come out of the corporate environment themselves.

Their experience with individuals, teams or large groups is transformational as they create the right environment in the room to deliver sustained behavioural changes.

Clare Robinson

Leadership Coach/

Founder and head coach Clare is on a mission to enable leaders and their teams to find more energy, passion and purpose in their work and life. Trained in wellness coaching, coaching psychology, neuro-lingustic-programming (NLP) & mindfulness Clare has developed a leadership coaching program that creates the space for leaders to reconnect with who they truly are and serve from this place. She is also passionate about working with conscious businesses to create thriving cultures via management team group coaching, keynote talks and facilitating companywide Wellness Programs. Outside of this Clare is a true outdoors lady loving to walk, swim, ski and, you will never find her too far from the yoga room or creating some tasty wholefoods in the kitchen.

Ben Horne

Wholefoods Chef/

Ben is an accomplished Chef and Educator having cut his teeth as a hatted chef leading the team at the Icebergs Group here in Sydney for 10 years. After a serious accident he came to question what real food was. After discovering yoga and Ayurveda he became passionate about wholefoods and the sustainable food movement which began to influence his approach to what he presents on a plate. He went on to set up the wholefood kitchens, as Head Chef, at Bondi Wholefoods and Ruby Lane and today, he operates as a consultant and educator on a mission to re-connect more people with real food. When Ben isn’t in the kitchen or running a workshop you will find him in the surf or out fishing, he’s a true nature lover!

Bec Williams

Professional Coach

Bec brings her brand of ‘straight up, practical performance coaching’ to clients who need a strong sense of accountability, whilst also feeling highly supported. She stepped away from senior marketing roles with the likes of Vodafone NZ & CommBank to re-train at the TCI & IECL coaching schools. A passionate outdoors girl loving snowboarding, hiking and cycling she is also a joy to be around for all those that have the pleasure of knowing & working with her.

Emma Hart


Emma is a leadership coach, facilitator, trainer and HR organisational development specialist with over 15 years experience supporting leaders in the corporate space. In line with the CLARETY philosophy she specialises in supporting busy leaders to perform at their best, having more energy, creativity and ultimately, better results and that this, doesn’t have to come at a cost to your health. Emma is also the gun behind many of our facilitated group coaching sessions bringing her special brand of play into the room to transform learning experiences. Emma is also unique and beautiful soul who has seriously ‘green-fingers’ and makes a ‘kick-arse’ Kombucha.

Jaye Carcary

Meditation Teacher /
Energy Healer /
Art Director

A long term collaborator, the creative force behind the visual identity of CLARETY and now lead for our Wellness Programs, Jaye’s transition into the wellbeing space began back in 2011 with his personal meditation journey as he managed high levels of stress and depression brought on by his role as a creative lead in the fashion industry.

In 2012 he became a Reiki practitioner and then qualified as a meditation teacher in 2015. Today he blends his two worlds by bringing his particular brand of therapeutic meditation back into the workplaces that he knows so well. Jaye believes “the health benefits of meditation are truly endless, I’ve personally experienced greater inner peace and focus, improved personal growth, effectively managed work stress and successfully overcome periods of self-doubt.”

Amanda De Simone


Amanda is a beautiful friend, photographer and creative soul who shot the amazing images on these web pages. She works as a photographer within the fashion industry but has a passion for portraits that explore identity, personality and place. She loves working with interesting people that are trying to make a difference in this world.

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