Have you noticed yourself wanting to retreat and reflect?

I’m writing to you this morning from my home office staring out at a very cold and rainy Sydney. There’s nothing like a bit of ‘dreich’ weather (yes that’s a thing, Scottish saying my dad uses all the time to describe the Aberdeen weather), to make you want to retreat and re-group. I have been reflecting on all the coaching and personal conversations I’ve been having in the last week and a common theme has been coming up…it feels like a good time for a mid-year ‘check-in’ on the goals that were set up at the start of the year. And yes, many of the people I have been speaking to have achieved some of the things that they set out to. I’m happy to say we have been celebrating a baby on the way and a new, more purposeful career, emerging for another attendee of our January Best Year Yet session…

It’s officially ‘early winter’
Have you noticed that you too have felt the urge to reflect? If so, I’m just going to call it! We are in ‘early winter’ which is the official time of retreating and reflecting. Often it signals a time of feeling tired, confused in an area of your life or, an urge to avoid social events. If this is you right now, we’d like to help you out with a couple of things…

How to enhance this time of reflection
Don’t worry if this is how you are feeling, just know that ‘early winter’ pre-seeds the Winter solstice and ‘late winter’ when new seeds for spring begin to form. You can read more about this here. Here are 3 things you can focus on to enhance this time:

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What to avoid at this time of year

Hope to see you in our mid-year check-in or in the coaching room, until then, stay dry and warm!

To your health and happiness,

Clare and the CLARETY Team

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