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Leadership coaching and training programs

Our fast-paced and rapidly evolving world calls for a different approach in supporting leaders and their teams to confidently navigate the future.

We offer leadership coaching programs that help activate the best of our ‘human’ capabilities, such as creativity, emotional intelligence, wisdom and courage. We believe this creates energised, resilient and adaptable leaders that people naturally want to follow. That when you live from a place of resilience and lead with energy, you become the type of leader that people naturally want to follow.


Today’s leaders need support to navigate these uncertain and complex times. Our signature leadership coaching program takes a uniquely holistic approach to building more resilient, confident and agile leaders. We empower you to adapt to evolving workplaces and courageously tackle what lies ahead.

Development Programs

Leadership group coaching and training for future or experienced leaders and their teams to achieve new results. We work with you to get your team ‘future ready’ by developing greater resilience, adaptability and cohesion to more powerfully navigate the business landscape ahead.

Wellbeing programs


Studies now overwhelmingly show that energy is the real currency of thriving 21st century organisations. We help people take responsibility for their health and wellbeing by teaching them the tools to unlock more energy for themselves in the workplace.

Future ready


Old methods of team motivation are failing today’s workplaces. Moving forward requires an expansion of our thinking, clarity on what else is possible and a return to the best of human nature. In our ‘future-ready’ series, we explore what the next leap is for your team and support them to get there through bespoke team facilitation, group training and inspirational talks.

Our team

We are a collective of expert leadership coaches, facilitators and wellbeing specialists who are passionate about bringing out the best of human capability in this rapidly changing world. Together we have more than 100 years of combined corporate experience and we pride ourselves on creating experiences that change behaviour and deliver results.


I went into that session feeling like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders – you have both left me feeling so much lighter! Thank you for an amazing session.

Future Ready Facilitation

Account Director, Colmar Brunton
I couldn’t resist but share this with you, given it was born out of a day with you. The House Captains presented their plan to the Exco yesterday. They were blown away and said ‘it was ‘hands down one the of the best internal presentations they’ve seen’. With very little prompting from me, the team took the language and narrative from your notes and set the scene beautifully – they told stories about why it was so important to focus on these programs, what it meant to them personally, their peers and why it underpins the Mediacom culture. They designed the framework and slides all themselves with me simply being a sounding board and coach….vs doing it for them. Yay! So thank you – the CEO was literally glowing with pride

Future Ready Facilitation

Mediacom Culture Team Day, Head of HR, Mediacom
I just wanted to say a big thank you for having me as part of the Wellbeing Ambassador program. It’s such a great and important initiative. I absolutely loved it and am so grateful for the training and amazing experiences. From the fantastic first two days with Emma and Clare, to the beautiful time in Rose Bay with The Search Inside Yourself program. I learnt a lot, met amazing people (more than at any other WPP initiative) and found a real love of passing on the knowledge to the team here. I know they appreciated it too

Wellbeing Ambassador Program

WPPAUNZ Ambassador
What I loved about Clare was her holistic approach to career development. She very much sees a connection between your values, relationships, mental and physical well-being, passions, goals and vocation. Clare helped me distill what it was that I really wanted. Through various exercises, visualizations and and often uncomfortable conversations, we were able to hone in on what was most important for me in life and work - wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. Clare has a very kind, supportive and personable approach. She genuinely cares about her clients’ well-being, and really wants to see them thrive. Working with Clare has been invaluable for me in terms of getting clarity on the kind of leader I want to be, my values and my behaviors, and actionable tasks to bring into the everyday, to ensure you stay on track. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Future Leader Coaching

Program Participant
Clare is a fantastic speaker who talks from the heart. She shares honestly and openly about the challenges of being a corporate leader who is striving to climb the career ladder, at the expense of her personal health & relationships. Her words hold lessons for us all. Her talks always bring with them both poignant messages and practical tools and frameworks that can work with your team's mental health, wellbeing or challenging their thinking about what it takes to lead in today’s increasingly complex world. I would highly recommend Clare to bring an entertaining, interactive and inspirational talk into your team learning sessions or off-sites

Future Ready Talks

Adrianne Nixon, Legends and Leaders
Clare is one of those rare gems I have had the pleasure to partner with on delivering the WPPAUNZ Wellbeing programme. I have also worked with her as a senior women in leadership when she was in our agency world. She has been an incredible support to me personally and professionally in delivering our programme. She brings all of her brilliance, compassion, energy and wisdom to every initiative we deliver together to help our people take care of their wellbeing. She is incredibly passionate about changing our industry for the better. Not only is she an incredible strategist, she is a wise soul who has coached me and many of our leaders to show up as our best selves. There are people who come into your life that inspire you to be a better human and an even better leader. Clare is one of those people to me.

Wellbeing Programs

Fleur Marks, Former Head of Talent and Wellbeing WPP
Clare became my coach when the career driven executive, mother and family juggle was unsustainable. Clare led me through an invaluable coaching journey to understand the clutter, chaos and busyness and to carve out career evolution focused on what mattered most to me in life. Her intellect, insights, experience and personal manner combine to deliver a powerful coaching experience with outcomes that will transform your life. She is a Master Coach

Leadership Coaching Participant

Gina McClement (nee Unwin), former Marketing Director
At the forefront of wellness and high performance coaching, Clare is able to bring well-being into the workplace in an efficient and thoughtful way. Clare is a fantastic coach as she is able to help people take the necessary steps to prioritise their well-being, set boundaries and maximise their potential.

Future Ready Facilitation

Manon Pietra People and Development Director at PHD Media
When I first met Clare I wasn't sure what to expect. 2 years on I am very clear! Clare constantly asks great questions of me, genuinely listens and challenges my thinking. At the same time her highly personable, caring approach to what she does shines through. She not only gets results as a coach - she is a pleasure to spend time with. I can't recommend Clare highly enough

Leadership Coaching program

Dean Gale, Managing Director at Phuel
I didn't think it would be a good idea for Clare to coach me. We'd worked together and I thought we'd be too close or mess up a friendship. I couldn't have been more wrong. She is the perfect fusion of warm but firm, empathetic yet strong. She has an eclectic background and draws on wider experience than just her superb coaching/wellbeing technical knowledge. I am in such a good place. Her doing.

Leadership Coaching Program

Mark Sareff, Founder/Director Prophecy Consulting
I tremendously enjoy working with Clare and her team. During a recent project, she was invaluable and truly instrumental in supporting us with her knowledge of the Australian advertising agency landscape. By bringing an external view and facilitating workshops and creative reviews with a wide variety of stakeholders, Clare was able to help us achieve a great result and do so in a collaborative manner. Clare's team also kept us on a tight timeframe, creating clarity around outcomes and key milestones and helping us to make informed decisions at the crucial points. If you have a strategic project that requires a high level of engagement with people inside and / or outside your business then Clare's strategic and 'coaching-style' approach will get you results. Thanks from all of us, Clare!

Future Ready Facilitation

Chris Kenny, Former marketing Director ING Direct
Clare has helped me chart a course through a real haze of uncertainty and fear, to absolute clarity, confidence and empowerment. She balances deep instinct, common sense, empathy and commercial reality to be able to provide a guiding hand that literally changed my life.

Leadership Coaching

Chris Savage, Former COO STW Group
Clare's coaching abilities are second to none. Her manner is friendly and caring, whilst being objective and tapping into her business & life experience to help guide you through your goal setting. Her recommendations are well thought out and you leave the session feeling empowered and encouraged.

Leadership Coaching

Jacqui Hewett Campaign & Creative Services Manager - MENA at Amazon

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