We believe the best knowledge should be shared. Here you will find our favourite videos relating to the topics of Leadership and Wellbeing. Enjoy!

Clare Robinson Keynote Sydney | MFA 5+ Leading in an automated world

Growth Mindset

The power of moving from a fixed to a growth mindset...


Learning how your brain is malleable...

Mind Body Connection (and Epigenetic)

learn how are mind and body are connected and how changing our thoughts can literally...

Dr Herbert Benson – Mind body institute

How good nutrition can prevent disease...

How stress affects your body

Learning about how prolonged periods of stress can impact your body...

Gut Health (Human Micro Biome)

How improving your gut changes everything...


Headline: Meditation 101

How mindfulness empowers us

Breathing can change your health

Learn how to breath effectively...

Kelly McGonigal – Mental Resilience

How stress can be good for you

Emotional Intelligence: Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence: What is it?

Gratitude – Moving Art

How gratitude re-frames your world...

Emotional Intelligence - Tony Robbins

Emotional Intelligence: Our 6 fundamental core needs(Extended)

Social Connection: Story of Roseto

The importance of relationship on well-being

Emotional Intelligence - Tony Robbins

Emotional Intelligence: Our 6 fundamental core needs

Social Connection: Behavioural Contagion

1 man starts a dance party

Social Connection: Behavioural Contagion

If you need a ‘feel good’ pick me up watch this

Social Connection: Love 2.0 Positive Resonance - Dr Barbara Fredrikson

Social Connection: Love 2.0 Positive Resonance

Emotional Agility

The gift and power of emotional courage

Mental Resilience

Hacking your brains default mode network

Social Connection

What is brain coupling?


The year of yes (Shonda Rhimes ted talk)

Mental resilience

What the internet is doing to our brains

Mental resilience

The struggle switch


The seven habits of highly effective people

Physical Wellbeing

Lifestyle changes may lengthen telomeres

Mental resilience

Attention is an endangered species

Emotional Wellbeing

Imposter syndrome