Ready to make 2018 your best one yet?

If you are anything like our clients, friends and family (AKA human), you probably make the best intentions at the start of the year and somewhere around the end of Jan and into Feb things start to get off track…

We are launching this pilot program because our community kept saying to us, “I’m sick of having all these dreams and intentions but I’m just not acting on them and making them happen, why is that?!”.
“Left to my own devices I just find that I procrastinate and do nothing…”
, sounding familiar?

The Self Leadership Implementation Program is all about grabbing the ‘bull by the horns!’ Saying ‘hell yeah I’m ready for this’ AND boldly putting yourself back in the driving seat to lead yourself to big change.  As it’s a pilot, it’s only open to a small but select few that are 100% committed to making 2018 their best year yet.

So, if you are someone that is;

  1. Constantly chasing that elusive work/life balance
  2. Lacking passion or being exhausted by work or life
  3. Feeling disconnected in your personal or professional relationships
  4. Feeling stressed, anxious and easily overwhelmed too much of the time

But wants to have;

  • Greater success and fulfilment in life and at work
  • Deeper connections in your personal and professional relationships
  • Feeling energised and kicking goals in all areas of your life

Then you should talk to us about this exclusive program that provides the simple steps to make some BIG changes.

The logistics
This program will be hosted via webinar on Tuesday evenings so you can take part from the comfort of your own home – think of it as a much-needed appointment to check in with yourself each week or, as I like to call it ‘personal growth date night!’ It will start on the 20th of February (7pm) and run for 99 days*. It will include;

  • Fortnightly learn and implement sessions that help you gain inspiration & clarity to activate your plan and take action  e.g. concurring behaviour change, cultivating more energy, building healthy habits, transforming relationships**
  • Monthly group coaching sessions  designed to help you bust through anything holding back your implementation
  • Fortnightly check in’s with your accountability buddy, when we don’t have a group session, to ensure you stay on track and keep implementing
  • Your 99 Day Project Blueprint – get all your outcomes & milestones out on paper so you can ‘tick off’ your achievements and gain momentum

* Why 99 days? The usual 21 days to form a habit doesn’t quite cut it in our book, if you want to make some BIG changes. You need time to activate changes and calibrate what is/isn’t working then you can really accelerate and celebrate progress to gain momentum. Then boom! This starts to ripple across all areas of your life. You attract new people in, you get that promotion, you have the courage to go out on your own…

** Can’t make a date, don’t worry they will be recorded so you can relisten at a time that suits you. Click here for the full schedule of dates.

Are you saying, ‘hell yes let’s go’ then CLICK HERE to schedule your complimentary 15 min call with Clare to discuss your needs and eligibility for this pilot and receive our exclusive community rate.


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