Hello and welcome to CLARETY. We help businesses to create thriving workplaces via our Leadership Coaching and Wellness Programs.

Why is there a need for CLARETY?

If you are a Business Owner, Leader or a Senior People Lead then you will sense that the world in which we operate is undergoing rapid change.

The pressure on you and your team to continually adapt and perform is taking its toll. If there is no clarity of vision from the top or strong operational system in place then we start to see wellbeing in the workplace become poor. Stress levels rise and productivity and engagement levels drop.

It’s now recognised that high achieving execs are at the highest risk and their complete burnout can impact entire companies, home life and relationships.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

We have worked with many leaders to revitalise both them and the people within their business.

See how adopting a ‘wellbeing inspired’ approach can transform the culture and the ‘triple-bottom-line’ of your business.

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Working With Us

Our approach to creating thriving cultures is unique and simple.

We enable people to take responsibility for their own personal wellbeing and for the wellbeing of those around them.

"People that have high individual wellbeing are more likely to see their workplace as positive, productive, and engaging. Conversely, if they are struggling or suffering, it rubs off on the workplace and the team."

Workplace Wellbeing & engagement study by Jim Harter, Ph.D.,Gallup's chief scientist of workplace management and wellbeing, March 2013

Our Programs

We believe sustained cultural change must come from the top and engage all layers within the business. We design with you a range of interventions that create the structure and momentum for change.

These programs are delivered by experienced Leadership coaches, facilitators and wellbeing specialists and typically include:

with regular inspiration.

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